Breakdown of planning considerations

We know about 383 planning considerations that may yield data suitable for These planning considerations are split between items on on backlog, ones we are working on and ones we've decided are not a match for now.

This page breaks down how we've categorised them and, if applicable, where they are in our design process.

In our design process

We are currently do work to develop our understanding and design data standards for 43 planning considerations. Below is a breakdown of how many are in each stage of our design process.

Overview of planning considerations

There are lots of planning considerations we can potentially work on. These are on our backlog, after some high-level triaging we may choose to work on a given planning conisderation. Once we complete our process we should be able to collect data for If we decide not to work on a planning consideration we may archive it.

Below is a breakdown of where each planning consideration currently sits.